Brexit, don’t Break It

By 27/09/2018Uncategorized

I feel the need to share my fear and concern for leadership in the world and, in particularly, within this country.

We were led into a referendum where we were asked did we want to remain or leave the European union.

We had to make decision on a gut feeling as we had no research and no idea what this would mean for the prosperity and wellbeing of this country.

I voted remain on the basis that ‘it aint broke so why fix it’.

Over the last two years, as more information has become available, i have changed my mind several times.

But today – if there was another referendum – i would   positively and unequivocally vote remain.

I feel obliged to share this with you as it is painful for me to think about it.   But its essential for me to explain this so that we in the not for profit sector – 250,000 charities and social enterprises – can be in a position to bring love and kindness to those areas that are and will become affected.

Our sector, ever increasing and vital, is the glue that holds civil society together.

I was born in 1936 and, as just a young kid, i saw the effects of the second world war. Our house was bombed by a doodlebug.  Young uncles, just kids themselves, were shot down.  There was rationing. Fathers were away from home. You only need to remember the holocaust or watch the film of Churchill ‘in the darkest hour’ or the film ‘Dunkirk’, or look at what is happening now in Yemen and Syria to start to understand the destruction and misery that war causes.

After the war was over in 1945 – and remember that this one was only 25 years after the first world war – many of the players were the same!

As a result, in 1945 the world created the united nations.  In 1949 NATO was formed.  In 1957 the common market (that became the European union in 1993) was founded.

The reason that this happened was to ensure that there would never be a war again in Europe, or that would emanate from it.

Has it worked? We have had no war or even a semblance of war between European countries for 73 years. In fact, Europe has prospered beyond all expectations.

Are these organisations perfect? Of course not. But with better effective leadership that continually improves, the dream of peace can be sustained.

By voting leave with its inevitable increasing nationalism, we may just be opening the door for another war.  I do not want to imagine it. My grandchildren – they and their generation deserve the happy life that we dream about and endeavour to create.   And we must all work together towards that great leadership which our young generations can support, follow and indeed join!

It need not be all doom and gloom.  We, in the not for profit world, this most important sector that aims to create a better society, can and must work together.  It is up to us to create that bonding which will sustain great leadership, through love of humanity, determined to empower happy and fulfilled lives.