Charity Leadership Post-Brexit… Collaboration & Positivity Are Key

By 28/07/2016Guest Blogs

brexitA personal view by Brian Chernett, Joint Chair and Co Founder, ella forums

In our last newsletter we urged our Members to remain positive. Only a month on from the referendum we have seen organisations such as NCVO, Kingston Smith and NPC write blogs on the topic. It has been fascinating to read the advice and feedback now being considered in light of the decision to Leave.


Every charity will face different opportunities as well as challenges. Whether it’s a reduction in property prices, a cheaper pound or dealing with a fear of being asked to leave the country I urge you all go out and look at what your peers and fellow organisations are doing.


At ella we embrace the collaborative approach and we aim to help members find out what others in their sector are doing in proactively looking for new and positive ways to follow their vision. We encourage Members to bring it as an issue at their next Forum and where you have a 1-2-1 coach ask them to help you. Brexit, whether you agree with it or not, can be a catalyst to get us out of our silos and start asking questions that can lead to positive change.


Those of you that read my blog last month will have recognised my criticism of the way both sides dealt with the arguments and it was my feeling this was a consequence of very poor leadership from all parties.


Well, now think about the recent speed of change we have subsequently seen in the leadership of our government. They quickly found a new leader and the old leader made way in minutes. I admire the speed and certainty of both Remain and Leave camps to come together to address the uncertainties in the country. It was, in some ways, remarkable and we should be modelling it.


So my friends, are you being great leaders of your organisations? Are you making effective decisions and removing uncertainty for your teams and your beneficiaries. If not, find out from your peers how they are planning to do so.


Great leadership is the only way charities will grow and survive through what promises to be interesting and perhaps exciting times. We would love to have some stories whereby these thoughts run true.


I promise you that ella is not just giving this advice but also taking it ourselves.