ella chosen by Lloyds Bank Foundation for Leadership Provision

Lloyds Foundation 359x258We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the opportunity to open groups across the country in partnership with the Lloyds Bank Foundation. This news comes following the success of the pilot scheme that we have been running with the Foundation over the past 6 months. Lloyds Bank Foundation Grant beneficiary charities in Birmingham, Cardiff and Bristol were given the chance to send their CEO to an ella group in their area as part of a 6 month trial from November 2015 – April 2016.

The members of these groups reported that they found the experience hugely beneficial and would like to see the initiative continued. Lloyds Bank Foundation have made the decision to do exactly that and open more partner groups across the country. The details are in discussion but we are extremely excited about the potential of this opportunity to double the number of Voluntary Sector leaders that we are supporting.

Here’s what some of the pilot scheme members had to say about the impact of their 6 month ella membership, we’ve picked out answers to different questions in the end of trial questionnaire from 5 different CEO’s:

  • What direct changes have taken place from being part of the trail?
    In one of the early Forum I was ‘challenged’ about line managing almost all of the organisation; this led to useful discussion about directs reports. As a result of this session, and the peer-to-peer support accompanying it I felt more confident and able to restructure the organisation to include another Manager. I now line manage 2 team members instead of 9 – this has improved my work-life balance.
  • What were the most important changes achieved and were there unexpected changes?
    Important – strategic planning and strategic framework, culture and values in how we move forward, articulating culture to plan way ahead. I wouldn’t have understood these before being involved with ella forums. Unexpected – I didn’t really know what to expect so I guess it was all unexpected! I guess the big unexpected thing is that initially I was worrying about finding the time, but now I really value the time out of the day-to-day
  • Can you think of ways that you would put a monetary value on the substantive changes that you have experienced?
    In some ways ella has been invaluable in terms of team dynamics and staff retention, lower sickness rates etc.
  • How much of the change would have happened without ella?
    We wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet with those organisations and little opportunity to hear different perspectives; furthermore we
    wouldn’t have been aware of various techniques that we have been able to use and embed within the organisation. About 80% would not
    have happened.
  • Is there anything more you would like tell us about your trial?
    I can only reiterate that it’s a fantastic programme and I’d love to carry on for a further 6 months, I would recommend ella to other charities. There’s nothing I would change, it really worked well for me. I would continue being a member even without Lloyd depending upon cost and company finances at that time.

If you would like to inquire about partnership opportunities please contact CEO Kieron Tarling; kieron@ella-forums.org