ella group launching to support MAT CEOs

edu 3Following high demand, ella is going to be opening a new group, specifically for CEOs of Multi Academy Trusts. We would like to warmly invite all MAT leaders to join us at a taster Forum for this group on the 3rd May at Kingston Smith in London.


Jon Chaloner, CEO GLF Schools explains in more detail the benefits he found from being an ella member and why this group, and supporting MAT CEOs is crucially important, now more than ever;

“I am the CEO of GLF Schools, a Multi-Academy Trust formed in 2012, which supports 17 schools and is currently building a further 5 schools in a region between Banbury and Croydon.

I was appointed on the basis of being a relatively successful headteacher and latterly executive headteacher but I rapidly discovered that, although many of my leadership traits were transferable to the new role, I needed to build a whole set of new skills to be an effective ‘systems leader’ accountable for the outcomes of a group of schools.

In addition, as CEO, I lead the Trust’s Executive Team who are responsible for the core Trust functions of performance monitoring and managing centrally-provided support services.

By joining ella forums, I have had access to exceptional support and guidance from other CEOs from a variety of social enterprises and charities. Their insight has influenced my thinking as a CEO in my new world beyond the headteacher.

Challenged by my personal coach, I believe that by sharing experiences and working together I have gained a different perspective to the role. The exposure to practices from the corporate sector and business experts has helped underpin my strategy for education.

I recommend ella to you, unreservedly, for their flexible approach to personal coaching and mentoring as well as the powerful input from expert workshop speakers.”

Details of the taster event:

May 3rd 2016

9am – 2pm

Kingston Smith, St Albans, Hertfordshire

Speaker: Mark Fritz on ‘Owning the Leadership Challenge of an MAT’

For more information and to register please click here

Our taster event is being held in London but the aim is to open ella MAT groups across the country so whether or not you can make the taster event, if you would like to find out more please register your interest here.