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On Monday 7th December we were delighted to launch a new group in London in association with NCVO, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.

Having been recently chosen as a Trusted Supplier of NCVO we wanted to start a group to launch the partnership. The group is open to NCVO and non NCVO member organisations and is being Chaired by ella Regional Director Ben Leon.

The Forum was a great success with 12 Chief Executives from different charities and social enterprises across London Forum at the NCVO Offices near Kings Cross.

Tom Levitt from ‘Sector 4 Focus’ was the speaker at the Forum. Tom is a writer and consultant with charities and businesses (large and small) also government and councils. Tom has kindly given us the following synopsis of his talk:

“Charities and businesses have much to learn from each other. Smaller charities especially need to create capacity, make their funding sustainable, balance their books and get the most out of their people – all skills which businesses must also have to survive and succeed. Good engagement between the two not only makes charities more effective but can provide employers with a priceless commodity: engaged employees, people who see a broader purpose to coming to work than just selling widgets, who regard their employer as a force for good. Picking litter and painting walls – even fundraising – are not good engagement tools but skills transfer, providing essential services, helping a charity grow definitely are, and even oft-neglected smaller businesses can contribute something. All this is also true on a macro level as 60 of today’s 100 biggest economies are companies, not countries: whatever governments decide to do about poverty, hunger, resource depletion and climate change it will count for little if those corporate economies are not singing from the same page.”

The second half of the Forum gave the Third Sector leaders the opportunity to bring issues, opportunities or challenges to the forum to gain the advice and support of their peers. There were some really interesting issues raised and we look forward to hearing the follow up at the next Forum.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Tom Levitt and the NCVO for their support of this Forum.

Next Forum of this group:

Date: Monday 11th January

Venue: NCVO Offices, Kings Cross

Time: 9am – 2pm

If you would like to come along to the next Forum please email Membership Director Phil Thompson phil@ella-forums.org or call 07703 291737.

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