ella Message from Brian Chernett

I am writing this note two days after the extraordinary result in the American presidential election. We at ella always strive to learn from the events that happen in our lives and I have been putting my mind to how we can take that learning to better our own lives and work in these unexpected circumstances.

We are, of course, aware of two marked similarities between the UK referendum and the USA presidential elections:

  • We cannot trust the pollster results. Prediction is very difficult if not impossible.
  • The uprising came from people who do not want the status quo but do want change.

I invite every one of us in ella to see what changes need to happen to take our organisations forward to give us all greater joy and happiness. I invite us to be constantly mindful of what needs to happen to always maintain our purpose, values and behaviours and live up to our highest ideals and respect the rights of all people.

One of our ex-members and speakers, Craig Goldblatt, wrote the following which is a good way to consider our behaviour:

. . . all change needs to start within ourselves. As the world once again becomes so engulfed in fear and doubt about the political and economic landscape, the wise ones focus invariably on what we can control and do to make our lives richer and more fulfilled.

We have a new US President.  Can we change that?  Yet we have a great deal of say as to how we conduct our own affairs, our thoughts, feelings and those we choose to spend our lives with.

My grandfather, who built the most wonderful business without any traditional education, who could not read and write, used to say “Don’t listen to economists or politicians.” He added that he had a business to run and he is going to run it.”

Our emotional well-being and our future sits within our own selves.

Yes, our external world and the choices of others with great influence impact us. However you have the last word as to the quality of your life.

Victor Frankl, the Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, one of my heroes, said:

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”.

Let’s go out there and give the world a massive amount of love and the planet will pay back tenfold!

As the leaders that we strive to be, let our leadership be the role models of excellence for the people we teach and inspire.