Will you empower your next generation of leaders?

Now more than ever we need strong leaders who are able to adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

Your team has real leadership potential.  They are excellent at what they do but need to build leadership confidence and gain the key skills to take the next step up.

Leaders often face the challenge of not having a support network around them or the time and space to reflect and process when they are managing the day-to-day.

What does the Emerging Leaders Forum offer?

It offers the opportunity and space for emerging leaders to gain confidence, to develop and grow.  Through the forum they will:

  • Gain insight on key topics relevant to leadership development from expert speakers
  • The chance to put that insight into action and feed back on each monthly session
  • Be part of a group of likeminded peers where they can both learn to coach their peers and benefit from their support
  • Build a network of peers in the sector

What will members get?

  • 10 peer to peer coaching meetings, including up to
  • 4 workshops that are specifically designed for Emerging Leaders and led by an expert speaker. Currently workshops are delivered via Zoom but in future, when possible, some will be face-to-face
  • Access to Ella Forums national speaker monthly webinars and talks – as a bonus we will also offer access to recordings of all webinars that have taken place so far this year
  • An opportunity to attend the Ella National Conference – meet other leaders and hear from world class speakers

How to sign up for the Emerging Leaders Forum?

Membership costs just £600 per year.

We encourage anyone who is interested in membership to try out one or two sessions before deciding.  If you would like to be a guest at our next session, please click on the link below for the details, and to register:

Click HERE to register.

A new Emerging Leaders group has now launched.

Don’t delay, encourage your emerging leaders to join today.  E-mail phil@ella-forums.org.