‘How ella has supported me’ by Nick Aldridge, PayPal Giving Fund

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“ella is a crucial way for leaders of charities to gather support and develop their own leadership ability, which is a key ingredient for organisational success.”



Name: Nick Aldridge

Job Title: Chief Executive (Global), PayPal Giving Fund

Twitter Handle: @nick_ald

“I joined ella 3 years ago when I was running the UK branch of PayPal Giving Fund, turning over around £3 million in grants. We help ecommerce businesses raise funds for charity by powering business technology that they can build into their website.

ella has been very helpful for me as I’ve taken on a broader leadership role in the charity, giving me confidence in my own leadership ability and a source of support. ella also provides a sounding board: people who have faced similar challenges and are willing to help. It has helped me to understand my own leadership style, along with areas for improvement, and I would definitely recommend it to other charity leaders who want to step up and achieve more.

The big impact of ella in terms of my career is that I have developed the confidence and extra focus on leadership that encouraged me to take on a much bigger role. I went from managing the UK branch to leading PayPal Giving Fund in the US as well, doubling my staff team and increasing turnover to $45 million.

Since my involvement with ella we have taken a more entrepreneurial approach to our business; looking differently at opportunities and how our path to growth looks within the organisation.”