Insights from the ella All Group Forum

By 10/12/2015ella News


On Wednesday 9th December we were delighted to be joined at the ella All Group Forum by over 80 Members and Chairs.The Forum was hosted by NCVO and is the largest turn out at an All Group Forum in our history and we were extremely fortunate to have International NLP Trainer and Leadership Expert, Sue Knight facilitating the day and taking everyone through some essential coaching skills.

The Forum was opened by Richard Williams, Director of Enterprise at NCVO who talked about the importance of the new Trusted Supplier relationship between ella and NCVO in the context of his belief that “we need to raise the leadership bar in the charity sector”.

The remainder of the day was lead by Sue who used personal anecdotes, stories and examples that arose in the room to give everyone the opportunity to understand the value of coaching. We learnt coaching skills and tested them out during practical exercises that included the value of ‘clean questions’, the desire to generalise and not take ownership of comments and the benefits of reflective questions.

We would like to thank Sue for ensuring that day was an excellent learning opportunity for all and to Richard and the NCVO for their continued support.


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Sue’s bio:

I am a consultant to leaders in business, an NLP trainer, an author, a coach and a speaker. I work with leaders and companies throughout the world. Above all I am an NLP Trainer offering courses round the world in the skills and thinking of NLP. I am author of NLP at Work – exploring the practical applications of NLP in everyday business situations, an NLP and Leadership manual, a pocket book introduction to NLP, and a Personal Selling Skills workbook.

My mission is to support leaders in business to make a difference, not only in their business, but also in the world at large by living out values such as truth, integrity, learning, commitment, fun and love. I am honoured to have been quoted as being someone who ‘brings out the heart and soul of businesses. I am passionate about enabling people in all parts of the world understand and learn from the differences that make each culture so very special.



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