Introducing ella forums’ new CEO… Kieron Tarling

By 02/03/2016ella News


download2016 has kicked off with a bang at ella with many exciting developments. Namely, we are thrilled to announce that Kieron Tarling has been appointed as Chief Executive. Kieron brings with him not only a wealth of experience but also the benefit of having been an ella member for 3 years. As a team we are all excited about the combination of improvements to internal systems and processes and additional member benefits that Kieron is dedicated to bringing about in his new role.  We are also delighted that both founders Brian and Mike have decided to remain very actively involved with ella as members of the board.

We’ve asked Kieron a few questions to help all of our members, chairs and supporters to get to know him:


  1. Tell us a little bit about the experience that you bring with you to this role at ella…

For most of my working life I have been interested in people management and operational change. I started off as a traditional cut and paste artworker in the days before we used computers. My first real experience came when I convinced the MD of a small publishing company to take his entire Magazine production onto these new Apple Mac things (His words!). Within 3 months we had reduced the cost of production to 1/3 and streamlined everything removing a lot of stress from the process and ultimately increasing the “fun factor” and working environment for all the employees.  Since then I have replicated and expanded this experience for larger and larger organisations on every continent. I’ve had the fortune to work and live in Johannesburg, Sydney, Singapore, Chicago, New York, Berlin and London.

  1. What is your vision for ella in the coming year?

This year is going to be exciting for everyone, yes we will build on our efficiencies and our communications but more over we will grow as a family. With member benefits, workshops and learning days, Corporate Sponsorship Programs and much more all in the planning there are going to be many more ways for ella to engage and support its members.

  1. What is the number one reason that you decided to take this role?

Many who know me well have heard me say I have felt somewhat disheartened by the fact that I have over the years made a lot of rich people richer and cut down a lot of trees (that’s the creative industry for you). What excites me about this role is the ability to be influential in delivering rewards that are not monetary.

  1. What are the three key benefits you took from your ella membership?

Compassion, Sharing, Community.

  1. Tell us a bit about what you enjoy outside of work…

I have just decided to run a 10k for Great Ormond Street. This is a bit of a big deal because after a Motorbike accident 14 years ago which messed up my knees I’ve avoided running like the plague! If anyone wishes to sponsor me I would be really grateful.

  1. How can our members, chairs and supporters contact you if they have questions or suggestions for the future of ella?

Email: haha joking