Launch of the ella forums and Lloyds Bank Foundation Partnership

Lloyds Foundation EW colour

Last week saw the launch of the ella forums and Lloyds Bank Foundation Partnership.

We were delighted to be joined by over 40 new charity CEOs in Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff, who are being sponsored by the Lloyds Bank Foundation to take part in a six month ella leadership development programme. The format of the programme is that groups will meet in the different areas on a monthly basis and will benefit from hearing expert speakers talk on topics relevant to the sector and their needs. This will be followed by a peer group learning session where members will have the opportunity to share issues, challenges and opportunities to gain feedback and advice from their peers. Members will also benefit from a one-to-one coaching session with the group Chair.

Operations Director Mike Burnage and Communications Director Ellie Pendred embarked on a 400 mile road trip to support the launch of the groups on three consecutive days. At each Forum, Mike spoke on The Importance of Sharing Dreams and highlighted the benefits that can arise from sharing dreams in a work setting and learning the dreams of your team. There were some very powerful examples of this working in practice in all the groups when members shared their dreams with each other and in some cases were able to support each others dreams, for example with introductions to a particular person or tickets to a sporting event.

Every member then worked with a partner through a Needs Analysis with the aim of capturing strengths, weaknesses and needs to enable the Chairs to pick speakers who will talk on topics that have been highlighted as relevant to the majority of the group. ella will also evaluate against the Needs Analysis at the end of the six months to assess the impact of the programme on the Lloyds Bank Foundation beneficiaries. This was followed by the peer group learning session and feedback shows the impact of having support and advice from other people who are in similar positions to you in the charitable sector can be priceless.

The first launch Forum took place on the 20th October at Cardiff Students’ Union where we were joined by twelve CEOs from all across Wales. The Cardiff group is being Chaired by Keith Davis, who is the CEO of Borough Market in London, which is both a charity and one of the largest and oldest markets in the UK.  The group will be Forum again next month on the 30th November at one of the members offices.

lloyds cardiff

The next day we launched the second group at the Bishop Fleming offices in Bristol, with six local charity leaders. Jenny Perez is Chairing the Bristol group and brings a wealth of charity leadership and coaching experience. The group will be Forum next month on the 27th November at members offices at Lawrence Weston Community Farm.

lloyds bristol

The 22nd October saw the ella Lloyds Birmingham launch with a bang; we were joined by 14 charity CEOs at the International Synergies offices. The Birmingham group is being Chaired by Jason Langford-Brown who is Managing Director of Lucid Group which is dedicated to Improving Business Performance. The group will be Forum on the 26th November at PwC.

lloyds birmingham

All members have been invited to join our All Groups Forum on the 9th December, near Kings Cross in London. Lloyds members should please let know if you would like to attend.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the venues for hosting the Forum and everyone from the Lloyds Bank Foundation for supporting this pilot, we do hope to be able to continue the groups and open further Lloyds Foundation groups in the New Year.