SPOTLIGHT ON… ella Cinnamon Group 5

Ella Forums Workshop 9-12-15ella Cinnamon Group 5 is Chaired by Charles McLachlan, a professional coach who works with business leaders to transform their businesses and break through personal barriers to success from 25+ years of experience of developing and growing business: start-ups to global organisations.

Charles started ella Cinnamon Group 5 three years ago and it is one of the special ella forums Partner groups. This one is sponsored by the Cinnamon Network which encourages social action charities to partner with churches using a social action franchising model. The Group meet monthly at the offices of Stewardship in London.

Quotes from some of the members of this unique group:

“Inspiring, informative, challenging and encouraging. The Cinnamon ella group coaching is proving to be all of these and more. As a fairly new CEO, it’s great to have some safe, confidential space to discuss pertinent issues facing the charity, staff or myself and be challenged on my role in making things happen that will be for the benefit of all. I would really encourage those who would value some space and time out to think and learn more about the next steps to up your game in being a CEO to join in. It’s also a highly valuable experience and environment for new CEO’s learning the ropes. I always encourage more women to join in.”
Mandy Marshall, Co-Director of Restored

“Membership of the Cinnamon ella group has already helped me to focus my leadership on what I need to do in order to move forward, at a very significant time both nationally and personally. Within the first couple of Forum, I found an impetus for new focus in what I am doing. There is a real sense of renewed purpose through activities that expose each participant to self-evaluation and reflection. In the sharing of real and current issues, the group coaching offers many insights but also confirms and affirms the ‘inner voice’ too. I could believe that ‘nobody else is experiencing what I am going through’, but the evidence is that this is not true. It becomes evident, by exposing myself to sharing issues in this non-threatening, confidential forum of colleagues, that the collective mind – an amazingly shared empathy, insight and understanding – provides inspiration for personal leadership action.
Chris Jones, CEO The Storehouse Project

The 1-2-1s included in the package have offered me protected time to accelerate understanding and the energy to do what I need.  When I’ve been stuck with certain issues, my coach, Charles McLachlan, has opened up a surprising number of alternatives and insights.  Working with someone who believes passionately that God’s people are called to bring about Kingdom transformation in the marketplace has meant that our sessions have been prayerful as well as profoundly productive.”
Neil Perry, CEO of Romsey Mill

“A wise person asked me: ‘If you want to make an organisation really fly then who is the most important person in that organisation to invest in?’ ‘Invest in the leader.’ I said, ‘Without a great leader, the organisation will never be great.”
Richard Beard, CEO of The Jericho Foundation

To find out more about this individual group please email Charles or call 07799 34 7799