SPOTLIGHT ON… ella London Groups 3 &10

Group 1ella London Groups 3 & 10 currently meet together and are co-chaired by Karen Szulakowska and Vivienne Lewis. Each month they rotate around venues in London, with next months Forum being held at Metro Bank in Holborn.

Karen and Vivienne bring with them a wealth of combined experience. Vivienne was the Chief Executive of a well known charity for 8 years and is now a freelance consultant, coach and mentor as well as being a trustee of a charity. She has experience in developing strategy, change management, fundraising, marketing and team building and believes that people make organisations, whether they are the end user, its professional staff, volunteers or donors.

Karen chose to leave the public sector in 1999 when she questioned what her purpose in life was. Since then she has worked with a wide cross sector including, public, NGO sector, helping people become the best they can be, through conversations, workshops and 1:1’s. Karen has said that “ella’s approach fits perfectly with my view that people have the answers within and a large part of our work is creating the space for this to happen”.

Recent speakers have included:

Scott Keyser on Persuasive Writing, Paul Anderson Walsh on The Business of Inclusion and Mark Fritz on Leadership Ownership

Members include:

Elaine Clowes from Children’s Links, Claire Hyde from NYAS and Tim Morris from AMDG.

Claire recently described ella as “helping me to develop and in turn the organisation to develop to withstand the challenges and see them as opportunities. Having been an ella for a few months now I have a growing circle of support and cannot emphasise how valuable both this and the coaching sessions are. For me, ella is an absolute lifeline

Groups 3 & 10 next Forum details are as follows:

8th March

8.45am – 12.15pm

Metro Bank, One Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HA

To come to this Forum as a guest of ella please register here. For more information please contact Membership Director Phil Thompson –