Trustees aim to add value to their organisation and have a positive impact on society, whilst at the same time getting personal and professional growth and challenge.

However, many trustees ‘arrive’ at their role without necessarily understanding the challenges and complexities of either the role or the sector.  It can be lonely and sometimes frustrating without access to resources and help to guide and develop.

what are the issues?

Trustees know their general legal and financial responsibilities around ensuring their charities benefit the public; comply with legislation and governance; manage resources responsibly by acting with reasonable care; but the Trustee role is so much more than this.

  • How do they support the organisation with limited resources and often through crisis?
  • Are they setting ambitious stretch goals – do they need to think differently?
  • How should they steward assets to ensure the greatest impact from all their actions and decisions?
  • How do they scrutinise decisions and offer critical challenges – are they really persuaded?
  • How do they drive strategy – how different should the organisation be in a year?  Three years?  Five years?  Do they need to change the way they operate?
  • How do they lead and engage more effectively in order to harness their experience through the diversity of the Board?
  • Can they ensure accountability, trust and executive alignment?

These are just some of the issues and challenges faced by trustees that the ella Trustees Forum can help to address.

four core elements

ella Trustees Forum offers a unique method of delivering leadership advancement to Trustees through learning and support from a combination of experts and peers. Trustees are brought together to exchange ideas and resolve issues and challenges in a confidential and mutually supportive environment.

The Four Core Elements of the Trustees Forum:

  1. Monthly meetings where the focus is on issue management using a proven, facilitated process, that is action and results oriented.  Members have the opportunity to raise issues and leverage the group’s experience and perspectives to identify potential solutions.
  2. Workshops focusing on specific issues that matter to Trustees.  Expert input and facilitation with the emphasis on generating practical outputs that can be used to drive and inform actions.
  3. Expert speaker sessions – access to all Ella Forums speaker sessions.
  4. Individual Mentoring.

launch of the Trustees Forum

To celebrate the launch of the Ella Trustees Forum you are invited to this FREE first session:

Becoming an Impactful Trustee through Effective Relationship Management.

Understanding and respecting the boundaries between the Trustee Board and senior management team can be complex and challenging. Join this session to explore these relationships so as a trustee you can add greater value to your organisation.

What will you get on the day?

  • Hear inspiring ideas from your peers
  • A space to unpick your problems and think about solutions
  • Experience how ella forums work
  • See how our unique process supports professional and personal learning and growth

Attend this FREE session by registering with us below: