We are more powerful together.

By 05/06/2017ella News

ella Unlimited brings together two pieces of work from the last 25 years combining the Academy for Chief Executives (ACE) and the Experiential Leadership and Learning Academy (ella).  We have recognized that the learning for both groups is dramatic.  We achieve that by using processes tried and tested by ACE and ella.

ella unlimited brings the two groups of leaders together, charity and commercial, so both can benefit from the value of the processes at affordable prices.  It is harder to be a Chief Executive of a charity than that of a “for a Profit Company” and bringing the two groups together will improve Leadership throughout civil society.

Specifically, self-esteem is improved for the charity leader and from the business point of view they get better coaches and mentors.  The business learns how to run on a shoestring and the charity learns how to make the shoestring last longer.  Businesses and charities begin to recognise charities as businesses and work with business specialists to add value

It’s all about people and either way we will be more powerful together.